Eleanor is from Shetland, with strong family connections, so we decided to make a home here and were lucky to find our house at Toab. Andrew’s interests include wildlife, especially birds, for which few places in Britain can rival Shetland.

Andrew’s main ornithological interests involve identification and distribution. He has discovered numerous current and former national rarities, including for example Red-breasted Goose on Islay, Long-billed Dowitcher in Cornwall, Gull-billed Tern on Anglesey, Lanceolated Warbler on Fair Isle and Grey-cheeked Thrush on Scilly. He has served on local and national records committees, including terms as Secretary and Chair of the British Ornithologists’ Union Records Committee. His publications include:

The Birds of Leicestershire & Rutland. 2009 (co-author)
Rutland Butterfly Atlas. 2017

Numerous papers, notes and reviews, including:

The Ruddy Shelduck in Britain. 2002 (Brit. Birds 95: 123-128)
A review of the status and identification of American Wigeon. 2003 (Brit. Birds 96: 2-22)
The ‘soft-plumaged petrel’ complex. 2004 (Brit. Birds 97: 6-15)
Eastern promise: the arrival of far-eastern passerine vagrants in autumn. 2007 (Brit. Birds 100: 105-111)
Britain’s first Two-barred Crossbill. 2007 (Brit. Birds 100: 650-657)
The rise and fall of Bulwer’s Petrel. 2008 (Brit. Birds 101: 676-681)
Britain’s first Baikal Teal. 2009 (Brit. Birds 102: 691-696)
Records of Hawk Owls in Britain. 2010 (Brit. Birds 103: 276-283)
What the eye doesn’t see: the prevalence of fraud in ornithology. 2012 (Brit.Birds 105: 236-257)